A mark-to-market-solution for discounting

Benefits for the Buyer

Transforming Accounts Payable into Investment Opportunities: InvoiceAuction creates a competitive trading environment for discount offers, thereby enabling Buyers to invest excess cash to get discounts which are more valuable than interest earned on bank accounts or via investments in short-term-securities.

Strengthening the Supply Chain: InvoiceAuction allows the implementation of a tailor-made discount policy, calibrated to the actual needs of the members of supply chain. InvoiceAuction enables Buyers to eliminate with stale discount policies and bilateral negotiations on discounts.

More Focus on Invoice Processing: Adopting InvoiceAuction transforms approved invoices into an investment opportunity for the Buyer, thereby incentivizing it to accelerate the invoice approval process internally.

Benefits for Suppliers

Lower Refinancing Costs: Suppliers obtain financing without costly involvement of third parties such as banks or factoring companies.

Tailor-Made Financing: The Supplier learns in advance whether early payment is possible and decides on a case-by-case basis whether and how much to offer in terms of discounts.

Less Administrative Burden: With no third-party-involvement, the administrative burden and interference coming with a transfer of claims falls away.


“No banks. No factoring. No hassle.”